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Cotton visit exciting and disappointing

Aaliyah Davis

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Last Friday I experienced what I thought was one of the most ecstatic days I can remember. I visited Senator Tom Cotton at NEA Political Animals’ monthly meeting in Jonesboro.

Most people in the room looked to be Cotton/Trump supporters. However, myself and many others had questions about national safety, health and money. Many of those questions were answered by Cotton after he gave a speech about national security.

A Hispanic woman asked about the importance of the border wall and if money is such an issue why are we so focused on a wall. He answered what appeared to be a prepared response stating that the wall was a pressing issue. He followed up by saying that fences work, “that’s why there’s one around the White House.” I think that’s a load of crap because behind that fence there’s big men with big guns ready to kill a threat to the people inside the White House.

When a question about safety and security was asked he said he felt that the military should be built back up after Obama’s term in office. Obama was the person who sent the Navy to kill Osama Bin Laden.

After Cotton left, I talked to a person who was rudely responded to by Cotton, and he told me he felt like Cotton was a mini Trump. I absolutely agree with him. Cotton doesn’t answers question all the way, and he’s too confident.  

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Cotton visit exciting and disappointing