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Trump targets the wrong enemy

MyEisha Jones, Editor

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President Donald Trump seems to have major issues with journalists for doing their jobs. In his speech at a conservative convention, he called the news “the enemy” of the American people. If he has accomplished nothing else during the little time that he has been in office so far, he definitely made it clear how he feels towards the media. The job of a true journalist is to devote his life to reporting news. Now, Trump comes out of the blue and tells them that they’re doing wrong. How will they recover from this?

I believe that it is sad to see the person that people have elected to be our president. It is wrong for him to make them out to be the enemy when they are in fact the hero. Journalists and the media keep citizens in the loop about news that can affect us all. We have a right to know. How could Trump attack them in such a manner?

The media is not the enemy of the people, they are the friend of the people. If not for the media, no one would be informed of what goes on around them. Keeping people out of the loop puts them in danger. It seems to me as if Trump is the enemy.

Trump, while talking about the fake news, said “we’re going to do something about it.” Trump did not clearly specify what that something would be but whatever he does will be dangerous to the people. How? By stopping the media from reporting the news, he is stopping them from informing it to the people as well and some of the news is majorly important for people to know.

Even without the media, some information is just inevitable. It will get out one way or the other. So, why is Trump picking with the media?

It makes me question his plans for our country. Why can’t the media investigate and report him? What is he hiding?

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Trump targets the wrong enemy