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Members of the KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High media staff met after school Monday for a commitment and leadership ceremony. Staff members recited vows to pledge their commitment to producing quality publications, and then adviser Tracey Yates Thompson presented each young journalist a card with his/her leadership assignment printed inside. Following the ceremonies, the staff and guests enjoyed a reception with assorted hors d'oeuvres, "wedding" cake and sparkling cider. Caitlin Smith, Aaliyah Davis, Tiffany Wright, Destinee Ball-Terry and MyEisha Jones react at the end of the ceremony.

Members of the KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High media staff during their commitment ceremony.

“Strike Press” is the student publication of KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School. It is produced by the KBC Media staff and is advised by Tracey Yates Thompson, CJE.

Media staff members are also responsible for the publication of the school yearbook, “Thunder Life”, and the school literary magazine, “Thunder Stories.” Work for these publications is done during the 42 minute journalism class.

The journalism program at KBC began with the 2016-2017 school year, and all staff members are first-year student journalists. This website was made available to the public on Sept. 16, 2016.

The “Thunder Life” yearbook and “Thunder Stories” literary magazine are also first-time publications for the school.

KBC Media is a member of the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association.

KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School is part of the KIPP Delta Public School district and the KIPP Public Charter School system. According to the organization’s website, KIPP’s mission is to “create a respected, influential, and national network of public schools that are successful in helping students from educationally underserved communities develop the knowledge, skills, character and habits needed to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond.”

The school is located at 1200 Byrum Road in Blytheville, Ark., and has approximately 220 students in grades 7-11.


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The student news site of KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School