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Trump targets the wrong enemy

MyEisha Jones, Editor

March 27, 2017

Filed under Opinion

President Donald Trump seems to have major issues with journalists for doing their jobs. In his speech at a conservative convention, he called the news “the enemy” of the American people. If he has accomplished nothing el...

Cotton visit exciting and disappointing

Aaliyah Davis

March 8, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Last Friday I experienced what I thought was one of the most ecstatic days I can remember. I visited Senator Tom Cotton at NEA Political Animals' monthly meeting in Jonesboro. Most people in the room looked to be Cott...

Border wall a threat to American values

D'Khyreona Lewis

February 1, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Donald Trump continuously talked about the wall throughout his campaigning to keep immigrants  and others from coming into the United States of America. He’s now talking about making the Mexican president pay for it but...

Trump’s America is here

Li'Vel Banks

January 26, 2017

Filed under Opinion

January 20.  The day of where the former president leaves and a new one comes in and takes the office that runs over the entire United States of America. President elect Donald J. Trump is now in the office. People...

Planned Parenthood should be saved

Rakia Edmonson

January 4, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Donald Trump wants to cut out federal funding for the Planned Parenthood program. The federal government gives  more than $500 million to this program, but some U.S. officials feel like it’s useless because at some clin...

College planning should be a priority

Juanita Wimbley

December 19, 2016

Filed under Opinion

College is very important no matter who you are. Although, it is generally more challenging for first generation college students to be admitted because they are immediately placed at a disadvantage compared to the student...

Election results draw shock, anger

Asya Benson and Destinee Ball-Terry

November 11, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Asya Benson The whole day, November 8, I was ready to see what the day may have brought to the table. Soon as I got home, I turned on the news just to watch the election. Even though all the polls had not closed yet, Clinton was i...

Students want to be heard

MyEisha Jones, Editor

October 29, 2016

Filed under Opinion

It seems as though the teachers here don’t believe in giving students their right to free expression. At this particular high school, students' right to free expression has been completely extracted from them. There have been nume...

Strike Press staffers hold varying views on candidates

Shea Jones, Aaliyah Davis, MyEisha Jones, Dewhon Priget, Juanita Wimbley, Asya Benson, Alyssia Cain, Rakia Edmonson, Yaszmyine Ayers, Victor Cork, Kiana Alvoid, Zauria McDougal, and Tiffany Wright

October 12, 2016

Filed under Opinion

It’s been a week since the second debate and it’s pretty clear who's going to win. On Sunday, October 9, the second presidential debate was held at Washington University. The debate started off with much tension coming from both Clinton and Trump, so much tension that they didn't shake hands in the beginning.

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Challenges abound for new teachers

Aaliyah Davis

September 15, 2016

Filed under Opinion

It's easier being a returning teacher at a school than it is to be a new teacher. For example, a lot of teachers at our school leave because it’s harder to work with a different standard than any normal public school. An...

Bullying can’t be ignored

Tia Hamon

September 14, 2016

Filed under Opinion

At our school, there aren’t many reported cases of bullying. I'm not saying that it has never happened because we’ve all reached that age where appearance is significant, the teenage stage. And the minimum times that a...

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